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"whether Congress shall have a right to take from the citizens all right of action in any court to recover back money claimed illegally, and extorted by compulsion, by its officers under color of law, but without any legal authority, and thus to deny them all remedy for an admitted wrong, and to clothe the Secretary of the Treasury with the sole and exclusive authority to withhold or restore that money according to his own notions of justice or right? "t


What is the telephone tax refund?

It's a  refund of  taxes that you've already paid for your long distance or bundled telephone service. 

Who is actually eligible to collect/request the phone tax refund?

Basically, anyone who has paid a telephone bill including the telephone excise tax dating between the months of (February 28th - 2003 and before August 1st, 2006).

I do not have to file an income tax return, am I still eligible to file a claim for the phone refund?

Yes, absolutely.....even if you did not file an income tax return, you still qualify!

What do I need to  file a claim using the IRS demographic example?

Decide on the lowest average monthly telephone bill you have paid  during the refund period.    ".. even if you don't have the documents, that is acceptable... We will work with taxpayers with supporting evidence of any kind."  Mr. John Koskinen,  IRS Commissioner,  June 24, 2014


I know now that I'm eligible but have more questions, can I call you?

Of course, I'm available during normal business hours: @ Tel# (334) 446-5377.




How To Claim Your Telephone Tax Refund

 Following simple steps  you'll have your Phone Tax Refund claim within a short time.

  • Click on the tab FILEYOURPOHNETAXREFUND simply fill out our information form  required to prepare your phone tax refund claim
  • Fill out the information form.  Takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Click on the Submit Claim button
  • Once submitted, you'll be redirected to our payment processor, PayPal. DC Tax Service charges a $17 to $29  processing fee )
  • Next, we will prepare your claim forms and send them to you via email PDF attachment  or us postal service.



God Save The United States

The telephone excise tax that's been discussed on this web site has already been collected! 

 "My hope is that no one has lost sight of this fact completely. If Congress tells us to do something, we are going to it. They have spoken and said to the IRS this: Do not give any citizen back his or her money unless he or she, files a refund claim. " This program was set up to make the entire process, easier!