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 "If  your actions and the evidence generally provides support for what you say happened,  even if you dont have the documents, that is acceptable... We will work with taxpayers with supporting evidence of any kind."  Mr. John Koskinen,  IRS Commissioner,  June 24, 2014


We don't get your Social Security Number or Financial information.

Tax Services In Dothan

We have been providing tax services in Dothan Alabama for almost two decades. DC Tax Service offers a broad range of various services however, I want to talk to you today about something that you've never even heard of before, "THE TELEPHONE EXICISE TAX REFUND."

I have had many questions about it and the number one question I get is, Why is the "Internal Revenue Service" refunding this money? Because the United States federal courts have currently ruled that the tax doesn't apply, so the IRS is refunding the money. Due to this ruling, the IRS is now refunding tax payers billions of dollars of the federal telephone excise tax to persons making a claim using procedures described. About $10 billion of all these dollars still today, remains unclaimed. Telephone excise tax claims are being paid each and every single day!

What is the telephone tax refund?

It's a once only refund to repay taxes that you've already paid for your long distance or bundled telephone service. This includes your landline home phone, cell phone and computer based VOIP services.

Who is actually eligible to collect/request the phone tax refund?

Basically, anyone who has paid a telephone bill for a business or just personal use. Non-profit organizations also qualify for the telephone excise tax dating between the months of (Feburary 28th - 2003 and before August 1st, 2006).

I do not have to file an income tax return, am I still eligible to file a claim for the phone refund?

Yes, absolutely.....even if you did not file an income tax return, you still qualify!

What do I need to do to file a claim?

The very first thing to do is, decide on the smallest/lowest average telephone bill. Remember, bills that you have paid between the dates of, (Feburary 28th - 2003 and before August 1st, 2006). You don't need to have ALL phone bills and records but, (Do Not Overstate Your Average).

Today you can file a 1040X for 2006 and the IRS will send you your refund. And, you can submit the other form that said if you paid more money, then the IRS will return it. People who haven’t, still have time to do that and say, I paid this!

Example: If a phone taxpayer had at least $200 a month in eligible phone charges for each month over the 41 month period, then the telephone tax refund is based on actual tax paid and would be $200X0.03X41= $246 plus interest.

I know now that I'm eligible but have more questions, can I call you?

Of course, I'm available during normal business hours: 8AM CST to 8PM CST @ Tel# (334) 446-5377.

Please leave a message including your phone number if I'm busy or unavailable at the time of your call, thank you!



How To Claim Your Telephone Tax Refund

Wanna know how to claim your Telephone Tax Refund? Of course you do, it is very simple by following the four simple steps below. Trust me, after we get all the information we needed, you'll have your Phone Tax Refund within a few short weeks.

  • Simply fill out our information form so we can receive the required information needed to file your phone tax refund claim
  • Double check the information you are about to submit to us
  • Click on the Submit Claim button
  • Once submitted, you'll be redirected to our payment processor, PayPal. DC Tax Service charges a small  processing fee to file your phone tax refund!)
  • Next, we will contact you within 72 hours or 3 business days



God Save The United States

The telephone excise tax that's been discussed on this web site has already been collected! We know these taxes were collected illegally. The key question is, what measures must we take today to get it back?

It's quite unusual that the IRS would do anything like this. For the IRS to even create such an unusual system for collecting a refund for a particular phone tax, huh.

My hope is that no one has lost sight of this fact completely. If Congress tells us to do something, we are going to it. They have spoken and said to the IRS this: Do not give any citizen back his or her money unless he or she, files a refund claim. This program was set up to make the entire process, easier!