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  The telephone tax refund Is a  refund of  taxes that you've wrongfully already paid for your long distance or bundled service. 

(Individuals with  no other 2016 income tax filing requirement may use this service to file and claim a Refund).


Who is actually eligible to request the phone tax refund? 

Basically, anyone in the U.S. who has paid a telephone bill including long distance or bundled charges during

the 41 month period of (February 28th, 2003 and before August 1st, 2006) and has not claimed any adequate  refund on
any other line.




What do I need to  file a claim using the Government's demographic example?


Example:  If a phone taxpayer with less than $25,000 a year income  had at least $200 a month in eligible phone charges for each month over the 41 month period the telephone  tax refund based on actual tax paid would be  $200X0.03X41= $246 plus interest


  Determine What is the least monthly eligible you paid each month during the refund period.



We don't require your Social Security Number or Financial information.

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